What the FAQ?!

How the hell are you?

We are a group of game developers. You got it just left over there. C’mon.

How many are you in this group?


Then why the hell you call it a group?


Will there be some more people later on?

I certainly hope so.

Can I join?

Are you following me on twitter? Are you registered on this site? Are you  a fan of Tunnelers? You have any idea what game dev is?

And the most important question: Did you ever try to do a project (coding, design, even an idea), and did you work on it for more that 3 weeks?

When I started, many of my friends wanted to work with me, thinking it’s easy, you know, the “Get Rich Quick”. They never lasted more than 2 weeks, and none of them even wanted to look into coding or somethin’ seriously. That’s why I ask this question.
If you answered “yes” to at least 4 of the above questions (you don’t have to be on twitter), contact me, anywhere. I’m looking forward to chatting with you.

Why “Vacuum Games”?

The first idea was something along “People who resist gravity”. That became the name of our (mine) first game, “Resist Gravity” (and it’s going to be awesome when it’s done).
Then I thought that you can resist gravity in space, and in space there’s vacuum, so, you know, “Vacuum Games”.
Actually it was first names “Vacuum Software”, but then somebody clever pointed out we don’t do software.

It has nothing to do with vacuum cleaners.

Why are you working on Tunnelers? Isn’t that the property of Floating Minds?

It is. I wrote that too. You should read more carefully. The aim of the project is not to steal Tunnelers, but to recreate it. All of the stuff around it is owned by Floating Minds, and they have the right to terminate, help, or take over the project too.

Why do the releases always take so long?

Of course they take long. You ever tried programming? You code something, you think it’s done and then BAM, 72+ errors, 17 warnings.
Besides, the first beta hasn’t been released yet. That will be the most important release, since it will include all the core stuff needed to build upon.

Beta? You only did 2 Alpha releases yet!

It’s not “Beta” as in “Beta stage of development”. That’s complete nonsense. The releases will be named by the Greek alphabet (Alpha, Beta, Gama, Delta, you get the idea), making use all the full beauty of the Greek alphabet, not just the first 2 letters.
This is how the naming will look like:

[Greek letter] [Last 2 digits of year].[Version of the update].[Days from last release]: “[Codename]”

Output: Beta 14.0.0: “Box Tank”

And the following update, released 12 days later, and won’t be a major release, will look like:

Beta 14.1.12: “I haven’t made up the codename yet”.

I want to help!

The biggest help is showing some interest, making some comments, asking some questions. It’s nice to know that someones interested in your work. That helps me really much.

I want to donate!

I don’t want to take money for something I haven’t finished yet. In fact I shouldn’t. Please wait until the first beat, at least.

I have a very cool suggestion to make Tunnelers better. Where can I post it?

Head to the forums. Post anywhere. Yes, I do actually read them.

Why are you called “Doctor Jellyface”?

Long story.

You’re awesome!


Why doesn’t google find this page?

Cause it’s stupid. Although I did a kind of makeover on this page, and it may take some time for google to find out.

What is that nice green colour?


Shouldn’t there be more questions here?

Sure, just ask them.

Wait, shouldn’t you be coding instead of writing this?

Yes. Yes I should. Yes. Good point.